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Calling for Application for 2022 College of Communication Graduate Students Scholarship

Application for this year’s College of Communication Graduate Students Scholarship is now open to master’s and doctoral students of the College of Communication.


The scholarship is open to the 1st and 2nd year master’s students and the 1st to 3rd year doctoral students from College of Communication.

Evaluation Criteria

The application will be reviewed based on the following three categories to which are given different weights:

  • Academic performance: 20%

  • Publication of academic research works & participation in academic research activities: 60%

  • Contribution to events organized by the Comm. College or its subordinate divisions: 20%

Required documents

  • Application form (see below)

  • Original copy of the transcript for previous semester

  • Academic performance and supporting documents evidencing the publication or the applicant’s participation in the activities.

Application deadline: 5 p.m., 1st of June, 2022 (Wednesday)

Please have the required documents printed out and hand in to Mr. Liu Cheng-Hua, whose office is located in Room 310108, Communication College Building (Uphill campus).

For more inquiry, please contact Mr. Liu Cheng-Hua via email (alladin@nccu.edu.tw) or call at 02-29387123, or Ms. Feng Yen (Constance) at IMICS via email (imics@nccu.edu.tw) or call at 02-29387550.

2022 Application form
Download • 32KB

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