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The International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (政治大學國際傳播英語碩士學位學程,政大國傳), also referred to as IMICS, is one of five International Master’s programs offered by National Chengchi University. IMICS was formally established in 2006. Featuring a curriculum taught entirely in English, IMICS is a pioneer in the field of Communication Studies in Taiwan.


The IMICS program focuses on international, cross-cultural communication studies in response to the rapid pace of globalization, placing additional emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region. Through the university’s three well-established communication departments (Journalism, Radio and Television, and Advertising), students are encouraged to explore the full context of international trends through advanced academic research. In addition to delving into the diverse curriculum offered by IMICS, Master’s students are encouraged to explore elective courses from other departments and will also be presented with opportunities to interact with other renowned international universities and global media corporations.


Aiming to cultivate future leaders and professionals in the field of communications and international media, IMICS is highly selective in its admissions process. Each academic year, IMICS accepts a balanced number of qualified local and international students to join the upcoming class, in order to encourage a cross-cultural interchange of ideas in the classroom. Therefore, the diverse group of Master’s students in IMICS benefits from peers by combining their different academic backgrounds, collaborating on academic research projects, and pursuing various opportunities for international academic exchange.


Communications students and professionals around the world are welcome to apply for the program.

Preview of 2021 NCCU-SNU-UT Joint Symposium


IMICS people and network

IMICS brings students and professionals of Communication, Public Relations and Marketing from different cultures to discuss the most pressing global issues and topics in the sphere of communication worldwide. IMICS’s professors are recognized lecturers and teachers with strong academic research backgrounds and diversified teaching and working experience from leading institutions globally. You will have opportunities to learn and build up your network with professionals and experts in the field worldwide.

IMICS also has partnership with the Fulbright U.S Student Program to attract more young scholars in the field of communication. 

In addition, IMICS also has diverse networks across the globe, such as the current dual-degree programs with University of South Carolina - College of Information and  Communications


Innovative curriculum

IMICS offers an extensive range of elective courses designed not only to introduce students to the theories and skills required to write a research dissertation but to conduct in-depth discussions on various communication-related subjects such as media and marketing, political communication, globalization and international relations.

IMICS students are offered opportunities to participate in both international and national seminars, workshops, conferences, exchanges, internship programs and other activities that integrate theory and practice.


Culturally-rich environment

Taiwan is a multicultural and diverse society, embracing locals and international students from all parts of the world.
The university has different student clubs such as NCCU International Association and NCCU International Youth offering unique experiences and regular excursions to discover different parts of Taiwan all together.

You can enjoy peaceful and beautiful Wenshan District (formerly known as Muzha) where the university is located and best known for Maokong Gondola, Taipei Zoo, Zhinan Temple, tea plantations, beautiful trekking roads and magnificent landscapes.

Investment for the future

Studying in Taiwan is cost-effective in terms of high education quality and reasonable expense in comparison to other studying destinations in the Asia and Pacific region. Living in Taipei is very safe and Taiwan is proud to offer the best health care system in the world.

IMICS alumni often find their dream jobs at marketing/advertising firms or Communication, Marketing and PR departments in global companies and non-profit organizations. More and more Taiwan companies and businesses are offering opportunities for international students to do internship and work after graduation.

IMICS offers you the best access to knowledge and skills that enhance your opportunities to be successful in your future career. You are only one step to opening a new doorway to learn about an exotic culture, to diverse your experience and to immerse in global trends and boundless opportunities.

Mission & Feature


IMICS, under the College of Communication, in response to the trends in Communications towards greater media convergence and globalization which demands more communications professionals with flexibility and adaptability, has aggressively retooled its curriculum and updated its pedagogic methods with an emphasis on integrated interdisciplinary training. Our goal is to ensure that our students acquire the training and skills they need to function at the cutting edge of the modern communications field.


The Communications Department encourages students to study abroad and attend international conferences during the course of their graduate studies. Many students have participated in academic exchange programs to Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. These study abroad experiences allow students to not only conduct meaningful research but also to put international communications theory into practice. Participating in internships in Taiwan and abroad is another excellent way for IMICS students to gain professional training and explore future career options. For those students who do not venture abroad during the course of their studies, each semester IMICS invites globally renowned scholars and professionals in the communications field to join the program as a visiting professor or guest speaker.


The International Master's Program in International Communication Studies program is constantly actively seeking new opportunities for improvement and expansion, in order to maintain its high quality of instruction. The Department of Communications looks forward to welcoming further excellent professors to join the faculty, as well as offering even more diverse, exciting courses in the future.

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What IMICS offers

  • The tools, knowledge and skills to do research and for future work in the field of communication

  • Dynamic options to realize and understand what you want to do in the field of communication by taking courses out of IMICS curriculum, joining exchange programs, leading workshops and conferences in the field in Taiwan and abroad.

  • The right place to build up your own network for future development.

  • Better access to career opportunities in a broad range of working environments from research institutions, communication and PR firms to Communication, Marketing and PR departments in international/ multinational companies and the non-profits.

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