Equipment & Classrooms

Teaching Assistant will be in charge of borrowing laptop and/or other equipment before class time. 

If you need to book a classroom for your thesis proposal defense and final defense, please come to IMICS Office and talk with our Administrative Officer to arrange the booking.


Curriculum Guidelines

IMICS 2021/2022 Curriculum Guidelines

Course add/drop


Once the 2 online course selection periods have already finished and the new semester begins, adding/dropping course in the course add/drop period which usually happens in the second week of each semester will require approval of the course instructor. Please visit the course selection system to select the courses that need to add/drop, download the add/drop form generated, have the course instructor signed and bring to the office of the NCCU's program/department offering the course.

NCCU Course Search System

NCCU System for Course Selection


Student Planning for Course Selection

Student Planning for Course Selection



Internship Work Plan 

Internship Evaluation Form 

Internship Report Format


Proposal defense


Proposal Defense Guidelines

Proposal Defense Application

Proposal Defense Result Form

Final defense


Final Defense Guidelines

How to Upload Thesis Title

Final Defense Application Form (Chinese)
Final Defense Application Form (English)

Final Defense Evaluation Form

Final Defense Transcript (Chinese)

Final Defense Transcript (English)

Template: Approval Page

Thesis submission


Thesis Submission Guidelines

Thesis Layout and Format Requirements
Template: Thesis Cover

Template: Thesis Secondary Title Page

Thesis Spine Cover

Other forms


Forms by NCCU Office of International Cooperation

Forms by NCCU Office of Academic Affairs

IMICS Thesis

Equipment & Classrooms


Curriculum Guidelines

Student Academic Plan


Thesis Forms

Other Forms