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Current Students

1. Degree Requirements

1.1. Credit Requirements

IMICS students are required to take 32 credit hours in total, which include 2 required courses (6 credits) and 26 credits of elective courses. Students can take no more than 12 credits outside IMICS, including 6 credits of Master's Degree course taught in Mandarin. If an IMICS student takes part in an internship, the internship will be accounted for 2 credits hours (if approved by the Program's Director).

Students are advised to take 3-4 courses each semester and to make sure they have enough time for doing their thesis in order to graduate in time. All courses offered by IMICS are taught in English; however, if a student possesses a high level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, he/she is welcome to choose Mandarin-taught Master's Degree courses offered by College of Communication or other departments and colleges. Otherwise he/she can also choose English-taught courses from other NCCU's English-taught programs*.

*maximum of 12 credits of Master's Degree courses outside IMICS (including maximum 6 credits of Mandarin-taught Master's Degree courses.   Course from Chinese Language Center (CLC) does not count.

Regular courses

Admission 2023.jpg
2022 Fall IMICS Course Timetable
2023 Spring IMICS Course Timetable
2023 Fall IMICS Course Timetable

Summer courses

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, this year IMICS does not offer summer courses for students.

● Courses are subject to change

1.2. Qualification & Graduate Degree Examinations

To graduate, students must complete two examinations:

  1. Graduate Qualification Examination
  2. Graduate Degree Examination 


  • The time between the two examinations should be at least one month apart.   

  • If students plan to graduate in the Fall Semester, the deadline for application for final defense is in early January; if students plan to graduate in the Spring semester, the deadline is in the middle of June.

LINE_ALBUM_Happy Graduation_220530_17.jpg

1.2.1. Graduate Qualification Examination

To complete Qualification Examinations, Students must:

  • Enrolled in the program for at least one academic year and have completed all required courses: 'Communication Theories' and 'Research Methods'.

  • Complete one of the following Graduate Qualification Examinations, including: presentation at a peer-reviewed conference, journal publication, project competition, creative work showcase, thesis proposal defense, and graduation project proposal defense.

For students who choose to write an academic thesis, the steps for thesis proposal defense are as follow:

1.     Find an Advisor

2.     Write Thesis Proposal

3.     Upload Thesis Title Online & Submit Proposal Defense Application Form
        *Please note that the form submission date should be at least 2 weeks from the Thesis Proposal Defense
     How to Upload Thesis Title

          Proposal Defense Guidelines

          Proposal Defense Application Form

4.     Thesis Proposal Defense
          Proposal Defense Result Form

1.2.2. Graduate Degree Examination

Students are required to write a thesis in English, which consists of: academic thesis, creative work, or exhibition.


For students who choose to write an academic thesis, the steps for Final Defense are as follow:

1.     Continue working on the Thesis

2.     Use the software 'Turnitin' to increase the integrity of the written Thesis
        *contact IMICS office for the 'Turnitin' account


3.     Apply for Graduate Degree Examination at iNCCU & Submit Final Defense Application Form
        *Please note that the form submission date should be at least 2 weeks from the Final Defense

​          How to apply for Graduate Degree Examination

          Final Defense Guidelines

3.     Final Defense

          Final Defense Evaluation Form

          Final Defense Transcript (Chinese)

          Final Defense Transcript (English)

          Template: Thesis Authorization Page

4.     Submit Final Defense Transcript

2. Thesis Submission & Graduation

2.1. Thesis Submission Procedures

Once students have passed the Final Defense and finished the revision, the next step would be finalizing the Thesis. However, before submitting and printing out the thesis, students should:

1. Comply to the layout and format required for the Graduation Thesis writing. 

2. Convert the Thesis into PDF format and upload the e-Thesis to the library database

3. Abstract in both English and Mandarin are required when uploading to the library database

Thesis Submission & School Leaving Guidelines (Updated on 02/11/2022)

Thesis Layout and Format Recommendations

ETDS User's Guide

Advisor’s Consent Form for the Academic Quality of NCCU Master/Doctoral Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (電子論文學術品質同意書)

Template: Thesis Cover

Template: Thesis Secondary Title Page

Template: Thesis Spine Cover

2.2. Graduation Procedures (Leaving School Process)

Students shall log in to iNCCU account to print out the 'Graduation Procedures Checklist'. Meanwhile, students must also provide a total of 4 hard copies of their thesis; 2 hard-bound copies for the IMICS office, and 2 hard-bound copies for the library section.

Once students have finished all the steps on the Graduation Checklists, they could collect their diploma at the Registrar Office (Administration Building 4th Floor).

Graduation Ceremony


Usually organized in June, is expected by students together with their families and friends as a beautiful closure of two years of hard work and memories. After finishing all the administrative procedure, the students are officially graduated and thus obtain alumni membership.

3. Internship 

Every spring semester, IMICS offers an internship course with 2 credits which you can select on NCCU’s course selecting system. You can find the internship opportunities yourself according to your interest. However, the internship must be related to communication. You can register for the internship course either before or after completing the actual internship.

Before starting the internship, you must submit the Internship Work Plan and acquire prior approval from the course instructor. IMICS will then issue an official letter to support your application for a work permit in Taiwan, which may take at least two weeks to one month to obtain. Thus, please plan ahead for the time to complete formalities not to miss your internship opportunity.

The duration of the internship should be a minimum of 160 hours. Your internship will be declared ineligible if you’ve worked fewer hours than originally specified or if you’ve used a part-time job opportunity as your internship. You have to discuss with IMICS office to obtain approval in case your internship is online work or working from home. Only under some special circumstances we may accept online work.


If you register for the internship course but do not complete the internship within the spring semester, you will receive an incomplete mark on your transcript. Please note that you are only allowed one incomplete mark this way on your transcript.  


After completing the internship, students should hand in the Internship Evaluation Form completed and signed by your direct supervisor and a report using suggested format on your internship experience by the end or spring semester.


Download Internship Work Plan, Internship Evaluation Form, and Internship Report Format here!

Internship Opportunities.jpg

4. Dual-degree Programs

University of South Carolina - College of Information and Communications

The University of South Carolina (USC) is a public research university in Columbia, South Carolina in the South-East of the United States. International education cooperation between IMICS and USC started in 2020 with aims to provide IMICS students with opportunities to study in the States and develop their academic research experience internationally.

NCCU students are allowed to choose between 2 programs: Master of Art (MA) which requires 32 credit hours in total and Master of Mass Communication (MMC) which requires 36 credit hours in total, of which 12 credit hours should be taken from NCCU.

Candidates will be evaluated based on GRE scores, professional experience, and academic recommendations.

TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent scores are required for those whose native language is not in English. Students who have already taken 12 credits of graduate-level courses offered by IMICS with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or a Grade B will be eligible for GRE waiver.


NCCU students will be eligible for in-state tuition.

NCCU students still register at NCCU while studying abroad and pay the relevant fee without credit fee.

We will send announcement through emails to students whenever information is available. Please check with IMICS office if you have any further questions.

Click here for more information regarding MA admission!

Click here for more information regarding MMC admission!


Dual-degree Programs.JPG

5. Student Exchange

IMICS students are encouraged to participate in student exchange programs both in Taiwan and abroad. However, Taiwan Scholarship students cannot go exchange abroad; otherwise his/her scholarship will be revoked.

Please refer to the list of NCCU’s partner universities and list of student exchange partners of NCCU College of Communication and contact OIC and College of Communication to plan for your exchange program.

Student Exchange.JPG

6. Scholarships & Grants

University and College of Communication's scholarships for current students are applied for students who already spent at least a semester studying at NCCU. Please take notice of your university email's inbox once there's a scholarship announcement.


University Scholarship

After finishing at least one semester at NCCU, students can apply for NCCU Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students, of which amount depends on funding availability.


College of Communication Scholarship

Depending on available funding each year, College of Communication can offer current students with scholarships based on academic performance, research contribution and participation to the college and the department’s activities.


7. Institute Transfer

NCCU students who wish to transfer to IMICS please contact IMICS office to initiate transferring procedure.


IMICS students, who wish to transfer to other NCCU programs, please contact the program of destination for further information.

1. Degree Requirements

1.1. Credit Requirements

1.2. Qualification &

       Graduate Degree


1.2.1. Qualification


1.2.2. Degree


2. Thesis Submission

    & Graduation

2.1. Thesis Submission


2.2. Graduation Procedures


3. Internship            

4. Dual-degree


5. Student Exchange

6. Scholarships &


7. Institute Transfer

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