International Admission


Before processing the next steps, please make sure you’re eligible to apply as an international student
(Please find eligibility check here)



Application timeline

NCCU offers two admission phases for international students each year, which consists of phase I and phase II.

Enrollment will start only in early September.

Phase I

Application period: Late September - Mid November

Results announcement: Early January

Phase II

Application period: Early February - Mid March

Results announcement: Mid May
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How to Apply

- Step 1: Fill the online application

- Step 2: Print out online application documents

- Step 3: Prepare materials required for the application and pay the application fees

- Step 4: Upload required documents and confirm submissions

Application Materials

1. A Statement of Purpose written in English no more than three A4 pages

2. Non-native English speakers including those graduated from English-taught programs must provide proofs of English proficiency test taken within three years of the application date (Only TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC are accepted)

3. Two Letters of Recommendation


4. Applicants are encouraged to include their previous works or papers related to communication



For details regarding International Admission, please contact the Office of International Cooperation, or refer to the following websites:


Office of International Cooperation 

Programs Available / Eligibility Check / Scholarships / VISA & ARC / Housing / Work & Internship / Insurance

NCCU International Admission
About NCCU / Campus Life / Enrollment Information / Tuition / Scholarships / Programs & Courses

Online Application System 
Admission Brochure / Admission Quota / Admission Timetable / Online Application Instruction / Admission FAQ

Tuition and Financing

IMICS is a two year program which requires 32 credit hours for completion. The estimated total cost for international students to live in Taiwan and complete the program in 2 years is shown in the table below:


  1. Tuition for IMICS program is NT$ 29,980 x 4 semesters = NT$ 119,920

  2. IMICS requires 32 credit hours to complete the program, thus credit fee is NT$ 3,310 x 32 credit hours = NT$ 105,920

  3. Accommodation expenses are estimated at NT$10,000 per month within the area around NCCU campus, over a 24-month stay. The amount may vary from NT$ 5,000 to NT$ 20,000 depending on choice of accommodation arrangement (dormitory stay, rented apartment, etc.)

  4. Courses may require the use of textbooks or printing materials, field trips may also be included in courses.

  5. Living expenses are estimated at NT$10,000 per month, over a 24-month stay. Just like accommodation costs, this may vary greatly depending on one’s lifestyle.

  6. Insurance is calculated by NCCU group insurance.

  7. The exchange rate applied is of June 2020.

For more details about fees for international students, please see the breakdown list below:

Tuition Per Semester                                                                                     NT$ 29,980 per semester

Tutition fee is fixed for each semester including the semester which the student may take no course but work on his/her thesis.

Credit Fee                                                                                                    NT$ 3,310 per credit hour

Credit fee for each semester is calculated based on the number of courses/ credits selected by the student in that semester.

NCCU Group Insurance                                                                                                      NT$ 3,000

If freshmen don’t purchase their medical and injury insurance from their countries for the first 6 months living in Taiwan, they are required to purchase NCCU Group Insurance.

National Health Insurance (NHI)                                                                   NT$ 4,494 per semester

NHI is obligatory and applied to students who have 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan.

Medical Insurance                                                                               Around NT$ 200 per semester

NCCU Student Safety Insurance (group insurance) is required for all students.

Information Appliance Fee                                                                             NT$ 1000 per semester


Dormitory NT$ 22,150 per semester (5 months)

If you choose to live in campus, NCCU offers 2-person dormitory rooms at Zih Ciang Dorm 10 for international students in the first year of study. Second-year students who wish to continue staying in the dorm will have to go through a lottery drawing with other students. Dorm fee for summer (July and August) is NT$11,075 (half of dorm fee for one semester). Please expect to pay a guarantee deposit of NT$1,000. Electricity and Water (if not exceed quota) are included. Card to use Air-conditioner can be pre-purchased at NT$500.

Admission Fee (for international students)                                                        NT$  1,600 or US$ 60