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Two IMICS Students Received 2021 Fall Academic Excellence Scholarships

Davide Demarchi and Dương Nhã Vân, second-year IMICS students from Italy and Vietnam, received 2021 Fall academic excellence scholarships from NCCU for showing remarkable results on their academic studies in the IMICS program.

"Well, I'm surprised and honored," said Davide, considering most of his classmates are very motivated and doing pretty well academically.

He expressed his gratitude to the IMICS program for helping him to discover his own topic of interest. He then suggested fellow juniors to be open to possibilities when it comes to course selection and academic directions.

"I was not interested in marketing and social media studies at first, but now I am discovering a brand new world of research interest after taking relevant courses," he added.

Davide Demarchi, IMICS Batch 2020

Every academic semester, students with outstanding academic performance are eligible to apply for scholarships grants provided by National Chengchi University.

"This scholarship allows me to invest more in my academic thesis," said Vân, who will be doing her thesis revolving around Taiwanese cinemas and histories.

Vân, who is also the teaching assistant for IMICS courses, said that her key to success is to keep herself motivated and stay connected with professors and classmates.

Dương Nhã Vân, IMICS Batch 2020

Both Davide and Vân agreed that students should keep up-to-date and informed in order to procure this golden opportunity.

Once again, Congratulations to both students. IMICS wishes you the best on your future academic journey.

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