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IMICS to Congratulate Three Students with 2020 Academic Excellence Scholarships

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

IMICS delightedly announces three remarkable students: Andrew Yeng, Jinny Lee, and Fedrik Hansen, to receive academic excellence scholarships on their outstanding performances for the fall 2020 academic semester.

Every semester, National Chengchi University and other relevant units provide in-school and out-school scholarship opportunities for those who have shown exemplary performance in their academic study.

Andrew and Jinny, two international students from Malaysia and South Korea, obtained the academic excellence scholarships provided by NCCU. Whereas, Fedrik, an overseas Chinese student from Indonesia, acquired a distinguished graduate scholarship from the Ministry of Education.

"Making the best out of every opportunity" is the motto fostered in the mind of Andrew, the two-times consecutive scholarship recipient who loves to be engaged with professors, which made him possible to procure participation in academic plans by the ministry of science and technology. "It is also important to have your buddy alongside the path," he claimed, after sharing his ups and downs during the study and stressing the importance of encouragement among fellow classmates.

Whilst, Jinny has her own discipline in finishing all the available study-related chores upfront. "Get it done straight away when you are on it," she said, who revealed the secret to her high-efficiency. As procrastination is the best friend to most students, Jinny managed to find out her peak work times with the most concentration and productivity at midnight. "My sleeping hours were indeed affected, however, I was able to finish all my works way before the deadline," she added, who has finished all the academic credits in the first three semesters.

As for Fedrik, the proverb "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" continuously reminded him to balance between study and leisure. "While the study is of substance, it is also important to have entertainment," he said. "Think of it as an investment that will catapult you to an even greater place," he added. Aside from being chosen to present his academic work in the UT-SNU-NCCU International Symposium, he still performs academically well while at the same time allowing himself to be invested in his photography hobby and the gorgeous landscape of Taiwan.

Pic.1 Andrew Yeng Pic. 2 Jinny Lee Pic. 3 Fedrik Hansen

Once again, congratulations to these three notable students. IMICS wishes a wonderful future and looking forward to seeing more impressive achievements from them.

Author: Fedrik Hansen - 吳停勝 /IMICS 108

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