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NCCU IMICS Course Series: Digital Games and Society by Prof. Jih-Hsuan Tammy Lin

Jih-Hsuan Tammy Lin, a distinguished professor in the College of Communication at NCCU, is offering a course named “Digital Games and Society” in the IMICS program this semester.

Specializing in the field of communication technology, Professor Lin focuses specifically on the research of virtual reality, metaverse, digital games, and social media, through which she hopes to help increase social good and people’s feeling of well-being.

For the content of the course, Professor Lin said it was designed to help people understand what digital games are through the basic concept of play and entertainment.

“A digital game is not just a form of entertainment, instead, it gives us a chance to reflect on ourselves,” Professor Lin said. “In the class, I do think people know why we are intrinsically motivated to play games and also how it was evolved and created based on the context and the current status of society.”

In addition, topics such as how digital games can be employed in news media and advertisements, and how they could affect people’s behaviors, are also covered by Professor Lin in the course.

Upon completing the course, Professor Lin believed that students will realize how digital games can serve as a persuasive tool or an interactive way to deliver different kinds of information, and they will also learn how to effectively design video or digital games as a form of communication media to interact with others.

When asked about the most unforgettable moment when teaching the course, Professor Lin said it will be bringing students to the VR zone and her lab to play VR games together.

“That created really unique experiences for both me and other students because, what are the odds that you can play social VR games with your professor and your classmates, and to socially interact with others in VR?” said Professor Lin. “That’s just really cool.”

If you’re already inspired by the video, don’t hesitate, join IMICS program at NCCU now and have a fun ride with us!

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