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  • Duong Nha Van

IMICS Students Visited Microsoft Taiwan

On December 17th, IMICS students took a unique field trip to Microsoft Taiwan, located in the heart of Xinyi District in Taipei. Over 30 students, faculty members and staff joined the sharing session with Microsoft Taiwan’s representatives and had an office tour.

Dr. Celeste Yang, Microsoft's Corporate Attorney and Mr. Daniel Li, Microsoft IoT Center Lead welcomed our group and introduced us with a demo of Metaverse. The demonstration explained Metaverse's operation and how the system can bring the world together through a virtual community, which is especially important in the current COVID-19 pandemic society that hinders long-distance travel.

In the tour around the Microsoft Taiwan office, students and faculty had the chance to experience Hololens, which is one of Microsoft’s latest products with integrated applications of augmented reality and long-distance communication.

“As the main organizer of this field trip, I think this was such a great opportunity for students to learn about the latest technology. Microsoft had truly proven themselves as the leading technology company in enabling a shift from physical societies to virtual ones. I also would like to express my gratitude towards Microsoft Taiwan for their kind assistance and making this field trip possible.” – Professor Lu Chien-Chih from NCCU’s College of Communication left his remark about the field trip.

“To see how one of the leading technology companies is doing so much for the future was truly eye-opening for me. I really enjoyed the introduction and demonstration of Metaverse and I look forward to seeing how the world would look like once it is fully-implemented into our society.”– Nha Van, IMICS second-year student shared her thoughts.

- IMICS Faculty Members and staff with Microsoft Taiwan's Representatives

- IMICS Students, faculty members, staff with Microsoft Taiwan's Representatives


Author and Photographer: Dương Nhã Vân, IMICS 109

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