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IMICS Students Received 2022 Spring Academic Excellence Scholarships

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Yulgong Lee and Rebecca Lin, two first-year IMICS students respectively from South Korea and the United States, received the 2022 NCCU Spring academic excellence scholarships for their academic achievements.

“I felt highly honored and was surprised,” said Yulgong, as he considered that all IMICS students were outstanding in their performances and felt thankful. “Class discussions with fellow students in the program expanded my thought,” he added.

Yulgong Lee, IMICS 1st year student

Yulgong expressed his gratitude to all the members of IMICS while stressing that all the classes he took last year helped him grow academically and furthered his understanding of communication theories.

In response to the award announcement, Rebecca said “I think the scholarship validates this work in communications that I’m doing and motivates me to continue to work hard on my thesis and my classes next year.”

When asked about her suggestions on studying to fellow juniors, Rebecca thought it would be not to be afraid to ask the seniors.

“When I first arrived last year, I found that the seniors above me were so welcoming and willing to share advice, which I really appreciated,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca Lin, IMICS 1st year student

Regarding what will better help fellow juniors achieve the same goal, Rebecca spoke straight up that the process can be daunting at the beginning because students compared themselves to others, thinking that they were not enough.

“However, I say just go for it,” Rebecca said, “You never know what’ll happen if you don’t try.”

For advice of applying the scholarship, Yulgong also suggested that students should not miss the application notice or hesitate to apply.

Every academic semester, students with outstanding academic performance are eligible to apply for scholarships grants provided by National Chengchi University.

As recognized with this scholarship award, it is undoubted that Yulgong and Rebecca would continue to work hard and shine on their future endeavors.

Congratulations to both students!

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Author: Meryl Kao (IMICS 110)

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