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IMICS Student Wins Third Prize in 2022 Taiwan Pitch Non-Fiction Short Film Fund Competition

Sunny Lai, a second-year student from Hong Kong from the International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) and his teammates Jeff Yang and Eric Yin from the Department of Radio and Television, claimed the third prize of US$6,000 in the 2022 Taiwan Pitch Non-Fiction Short Film Fund Competition.

The third prize entry ­— Drawing Formosa: People and Nature, directed by Sunny Lai, standing out among 40 finalists from 16 countries, has received compliments from the judges on its screenplay and scriptwriting. The judges were amazed by the team’s great work integrating two completely different scenes of two highly distinctive painters and turning the spotlight on their creative thinking, the figures and scenes of Taiwan they painted, which resonated deeply with audiences.

The poster of Drawing Formosa: People and Nature

“The inspiration for the film originates from my impression towards Taiwan, which is a stunningly beautiful place. That’s why I want to make a short documentary to depict the beauty of this Formosa — from the landscape of the lushest mountains to the vibrant city life in Taipei,” said Sunny Lai, the director of the film.

However, it is not without challenges to complete the four months of production of the film. The 25-year-old director said that the biggest obstacle they had encountered in the shooting process was the unstable weather conditions during summer, especially typhoons and heavy rain. Therefore, he had to react spontaneously when the situation did not favor them.

The challenging shooting process of the film

“I felt so blessed when I noticed that we got the third prize. All the hard work in the past few months has truly paid off! Being able to be recognized by the professionals in the industry is such a pleasure,” said Sunny Lai, the first-time director.

“I also want to thank my teammates, Jeff and Eric, for their trust and support from beginning to end. I also want to thank Professor Douglas Kass for his guidance along this filmmaking journey — without him, this film would never have been what it is now. Not to forget that support from IMICS, my classmates, and other NCCU finalists is also crucial!” said Sunny Lai.

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Eric (left 1), Professor Douglas Kass (left 2), Sunny Lai (right 2), and Jeff Yang (right 1)

(Article contributed by Andrew Yeng)

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