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General Manager of GroupM Shared Insights on the Future of Advertising

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Ms. Jona Oboza, the General Manager of GroupM Performance, was invited by Dr. Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin to share the future of advertising, especially the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, with her course "Advertising Effectiveness Research".

Ms. Oboza begin her speech with the challenges for the current advertising industry, that is, the gap between simply seeing a brand through advertisement and creating a relationship with a brand through advertisement.

With several case studies, such as the recommended playlists by Netflix or Spotify, the speaker brought up the importance and possible concerns of the digital footprint in this era.

As an experienced expert in the field, Ms. Oboza pointed out that artificial intelligence technology is basically everywhere, however, raises the threat of technostress.

Meanwhile, critical elements of advertising, such as humor, culture, creativity, and empathy, might be diluted in these technological advertising approaches.

Hence, a point had been made--the limitations of AI and machine learning emphasize the importance of the cooperation between humans and technology.

That is, humanity should still be leading while taking advantage of the machine's ability to solve complicated issues.

Ms. Oboza then encouraged students and those who are looking forward to participating in digital advertising to be ready for this inevitable challenge.

Author: Kevin Ko (IMICS 108)

Visual Designer: Duong Nha Van (IMICS 109)

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