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Telecommunication Mega Trend 2021 by Dr. Howard Tsao from ITRI

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Dr. Howard Tsao, technical director from Industrial Technology Research Institute talks about future technology trends and the application of 5G on IMICS's Seminar on Digital media Class.

Pic 1. Dr. Howard Tsao

IMICS students are enlightened by first-hand insights of industry regarding the latest developments of 5G, which is essential for the application of future IoT and smart cities.

"Our main job is to provide different deployment scenarios and fulfill different requirements from different industries, while at the same time promoting local industry for their product to work with the global market," Tsao explained.

"The rapid changes in technology have brought new challenges to the industry, where the ever-changing consumers' demand requires large contribution from equipment manufacturers and government's capital investment," said Tsao.

So far, manufacturers and organizations have reported future 5G applications trends, such as AR/VR, industrial automation, telemedicine, smart energy, and automotive or connected cars.

"Immersive journalism is one of the applications of 5G technology, as we have discussed previously in class, and we could expect to see the better implication of live news reporting with the development of 5G," said Dr. Bonnie Peng, talking on another possible implication of 5G on communication field.

"As communication students, it is essential to keep on pace with technology developments, let alone 5G technology," added Peng, a distinguished professor with more than 30 years of teaching experience, as she shared her years of knowledge and expertise in the field of communication.

"It is interesting to see the usage of 5G technology and it is indeed that IoT Smart Cities will be the future development trend," shared June Chen, a second-year IMICS student from Taiwan.

"It stimulates my mind to imagine and to apply what we have learned in academic school into practical use, especially after listening to real-time working experience from Dr. Tsao," Chen added.

Seminar on Digital media is a course lectured by Dr. Peng, focusing on the transformation of traditional media to new media, including the recent trends of 5G and other digital technologies.

Pic 2. Group photo with Dr. Bonnie Peng and Dr. Howard Tsao

"As for now, we have already on the development stage for 6G technology," Tsao informed.

Author & Photographer: Fedrik Hansen - 吳停勝 /IMICS 108

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