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Exclusive Interview with Alina Paniuta

Exclusive Interview: Alina Paniuta Shines as Recipient of Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students

Alina Paniuta, a second-year Ukranian student from the International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) at National Chengchi University, has been awarded the “Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students”, recognizing her outstanding academic achievements.

“I was in class when I saw the email about receiving the scholarship. I was filled with surprise and excitement. I think I even screamed a little,” said Alina Paniuta, vividly recounting the moment when she received the news of being awarded the scholarship.

She expressed deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for being selected as the scholarship recipient. “I am truly honored to have been awarded the Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students. It will fully cover my last semester's tuition and credit fees, which makes my life much easier,” said Alina Paniuta.

When asked about study tips contributing to her academic achievements, Alina Paniuta emphasized the importance of effective planning. She said, “Although it can be daunting to face a lot of homework and other responsibilities, breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks that can be completed in 3-4 hours every day throughout the week can help prevent overwhelming feelings and frustration.”

She also shared her reason for pursuing graduate studies in IMICS and the factors that fueled her decision. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized my modeling career was unstable. After sitting at home without any job opportunities and the fear of losing time, I decided to transition to a new career. Although uncertain about what career path to pursue, I knew obtaining a degree was the first step in discovering my interests and abilities,” said Alina Paniuta.

When reflecting on her experiences in IMICS, Alina Paniuta conveyed her sincere appreciation for the program. She said, “Studying in IMICS has provided me with valuable benefits, including but not limited to enhancing my English reading and writing skills, gaining a clear understanding of my interests and potential career opportunities, developing a diverse network of people from different backgrounds, and fields, the ability to learn quickly, work in a team, and efficiently manage my time.”

Alina Paniuta’s research interest centers around communication for charitable causes. Specifically, she focuses on exploring the impact of messages and visuals that evoke emotional responses in individuals and how these responses influence their inclination to contribute. Her ultimate goal is to develop more compelling charity messages to drive positive social change.

IMICS congratulates Alina Paniuta on her outstanding achievement and wishes her continued success in her research endeavors.

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