Dual-Degree Program: NCCU and UofSC, NCCU and UH

Updated: Nov 9

NCCU College of Communication has signed the dual degree program and announced its implementation starting from 2020 academic year with the University of South Carolina- Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and the University of Houston- Valenti School of Communication. Students will spend their first year of study in their own home university, and another one year in the chosen university.

Zhang, Fang-Wei from Master’s Program in Communication, and Chen, Yu-Ting, and Luo, Yi-Heng from IMICS have been accepted to the University of Houston.

You, Yu-Cheng, Wang, Zhun-Ming, and Yang, Zhu-Hui from Master's Program in Communication have been enrolled at University of South Carolina.

More students are to be expected to apply for this dual-degree program in the future.

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