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  • Ruby Chien

The 2022 NCCU-SNU-UT Joint Symposium Was A Resounding Success!

On October 29th, 2022, IMICS students and faculty members attended the annual international symposium co-organized by National Chengchi University (NCCU), Seoul National University (SNU), and The University of Tokyo (UT) with the theme Beyond Boundaries: Communication for Diverse and Multiple Communities. Gather Town, a cutting-edge platform that demonstrates how people can truly break through boundaries and come together, was used to host the event online.

Having Dr. Tammy JihHsuan Lin and Dr. Tsung Jen Shih, two of our prestigious professors, attended the meeting was an honor. Dr. Tammy JihHsuan Lin gave the opening statement, together with Prof. Joonhwan Lee from SNU and Prof. Shunya Yoshimi from UT, while Dr. Tsung Jen Shih represented the Communication College of NCCU as one of the session chairs.

Left pic: Dr. Tammy JihHsuan Lin gave an opening remark. / Right pic: Dr. Tsung Jen Shih represented as one of the chairs.

Numerous subjects were discussed, including critical communication and cultural studies, computational methods, media, technology, and society, as well as intercultural and international communication. The participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the research in the aforementioned domains thanks to the 18 presentations and 12 posters given in total. 6 presentations and 4 posters, provided by our outstanding NCCU students, made up one-third of the total.

The symposium went off without a hitch, and everyone was having a good time. The interaction between the attendees, presenters, and chairpeople was excellent. It amply demonstrated how the symposium's spirit was kept and let everyone benefit from the incredible opportunity to engage with people with diverse backgrounds.

The symposium offers a terrific opportunity for us to communicate our research interests and efforts from an Asian viewpoint. “The experience of sharing our research and plans from an inter-Asia and international perspective with students from other schools representing the communication field of each country in North East Asia was very valuable. In particular, as a Korean studying in Taiwan, it was a very interesting and special experience to share academic interests with students in my home country.” Yulgong Lee, a second-year IMICS student, commented.

Our IMICS student— Yulgong Lee gave a presentation on the topic of “Change of the Chinese Diaspora’s Image in Korea Media since the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between South Korea and the PRC.”

Pic 1: The screenshot of the poster session. / Pic 2: A group photo of the attendees from session 1, room A./
Pic 3: Our NCCU student— Jia-En Chang had a discussion with the attendee who raised up questions.

We are beyond elated to have established a strong bond with Seoul National University (SNU), and The University of Tokyo (UT). We hope to have more opportunities for academic collaboration in the future and keep learning and growing together.

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