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  • Annette Nguyen (Ngoc-Huyen)

2020 NCCU Graduation Ceremony

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

June 12 marked a special day for all NCCU students who graduate in 2020 as it’s the time to review and celebrate an exciting and milestone chapter of their academic life.

It’s touching to see IMICS graduates holding large-sized pictures of their classmates who couldn’t attend the ceremony. This year, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, some of our students who engaged in theses, internships abroad or in their home countries could not come back to Taiwan on time to join the ceremony. And also because of the risk-control management measure, we couldn’t invite all students’ families, visitors to the campus as we had always done in the past.

However, we believe our students have enjoyed their unforgettably beautiful two year adventure with the program and wish them all the best of luck for their future endeavours.

The ceremony was live-streamed on Youtube. You can watch it here.


Photographer: Fedrik Hansen - 吳停勝 /IMICS 108

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