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IMICS Marks the End of 2021 with a Christmas Luncheon for All Students and Faculty

On December 16th, IMICS held a special Christmas luncheon for all students and faculty in the IMICS program. The gathering not only created a great opportunity for students from different years to interact and get to know each other better, but also to meet professors from various backgrounds for further academic guidance. The event started with an opening remark from professor I-Huei Cheng, director of the IMICS program and followed up with a grand lunch feast. The gathering ended with a lucky drawing session for all students.

‘I love how this lunch gathering is bringing everyone together in one room. I believe that events like this one is very important because it enables a great opportunity to meet up with everyone and have a nice laugh together over a shared meal. The lucky drawing session was really fun because you get to see people unveil the presents and just genuinely have a great time with each other.’ – Syrus Sadvandi, IMICS first-year student from the US commented.

‘As a third-year student, I have to spend much more time focusing on my thesis and graduation and therefore don’t have as much time as I used to in my first year. Because of this, I think this lunch gathering is such a great chance to connect with the newcomers and catch up with other third-years and professors that I haven’t got to see in a while. It’s also nice to receive a little gift at the end of the lunch, too.’ – Andrew Yeng, IMICS third-year student from Malaysia shared his thoughts.

‘When I was planning for the gathering event, I thought to myself what fun activity I should do to mark the end of the year and that was when a lunch party came to my mind. Not only the timing was right, but also the location and all the arrangements afterwards. Therefore, I’m very happy to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time together.’ – Professor I-Huei Cheng, Director of the IMICS program left her remark.

Pic Descriptions: Lucky Christmas Gift represented by faculty members. From left to right, Prof. I-Huei Cheng, Prof. Elaine Chen, Prof. Yae-Wei Wang, Prof. Federico de Gregorio, Prof. Douglas Kass

IMICS wishes you a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

Cheers from IMICS Students, faculty, and Staff


Author: Dương Nhã Vân, IMICS 109 Photographer: Fedrik Hansen, IMICS 108

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