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Emily Wu Discusses Podcasting and Taiwan’s Perspectives in the Global Landscape

The founder of Ghost Island Media, Emily Y. Wu gave a talk on "From Taiwan to the World: Programming and Creatives via Podcasting and TV” at the International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) program on April 25, 2024.

Emily Wu and the international students in Popular Culture in Taiwan

Emily Wu was invited by Professor Stanley Huang to give a talk in the course, Popular Culture in Taiwan: Nation, Everyday Life, and Performance. As a podcaster with a rich journalism background, she explained the transformations within the broadcasting industry and highlighted the pivotal role of podcasting as a platform for Taiwan to articulate its perspectives across various domains. This medium offers an opportunity for a nation once marginalized in the global cultural landscape to gain recognition and acknowledgment. Meanwhile, one primary objective of Emily’s show Ghost Island Media is to delve into socio-political issues in Taiwan, aiming to enhance visibility and understanding within the international context.

Popular Culture in Taiwan: Nation, Everyday Life and Performance course is a course offered by the IMICS program, at the College of Communication, NCCU. The programme showcases Taiwan’s national identity in pop culture across diverse topics, including media, history, and everyday life.

From her academic study to her career in journalism, programming, and international co-productions at Public Television Service in Taiwan and the Next Media group (Apple Daily), Emily Wu boasts a rich background in the communication industry. Today, using Ghost Island Media as a case study, she shared her observations and insights into the shifting dynamics of media use and information consumption. Through an exchange of ideas with international students, her lecture provided a concise yet comprehensive exploration of global perspectives.


Podcasting and Audio Documentary

Emily Wu interacting with the international students


Introducing some episodes in Ghost Island Media, Emily Wu discussed how to tackle social issues and cross-cultural collaboration through programming. With Taiwan as a core example, she introduced the significant impact of governmental strategies and funding policies. The interconnecting concepts between culture and political approaches shape the audience’s perspectives of national identity and gradually result in an evolution of understanding.

Drawing from her own experiences as a media professional, Wu addressed topics of keen interest to students, particularly content production. She introduced the production process and offered examples, such as the audio documentary that immerses audiences in authentic experiences, to enhance comprehension. By employing innovative communication approaches, she emphasized the potential for bridging distances and breaking down social and political hierarchies. These efforts collectively foster more balanced conversations and greater understanding across diverse perspectives.

Emily Wu and the international students

  With the rise of multimedia, Taiwanese culture is offered a platform for the expression of national identity, transcending geographical boundaries, and reaching global audiences.

Ghost Island Media serves as a successful example of Taiwan's perspectives resonating and being comprehensively understood in a broader landscape. Through podcasts like these, Taiwan's diverse narratives and cultural richness find resonance, fostering greater international understanding and appreciation.

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