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IMICS summer vacation working hours

Dear IMICS students, The IMICS office hours will be limited during the summer term: • IMICS office hours will be very limited to some mornings from Aug...

Scheduling your proposal and final defense

Please be conscious of the following when scheduling your thesis proposal or final defense; if it is scheduled after 5 PM, please consider choosing another clas...

Super important information about Data Collection Incomplete Mark

Dear 2nd year IMICS students, If you registered for the Data Collection course in academic year 103 Semester 2, but did not complete your thesis this semes...

Important deadlines & Thesis Submission Procedures

Dear IMICS students, The final defense application deadline is Monday, June 22, 2015 so please pay attention to the deadline. That is to say, you must hand...

Thesis Formatting Consultation

Dear IMICS students, New information regarding the thesis process: if you have questions about formatting, uploading, and stylizing your thesis document, M...

Rule for Incomplete Courses

Please be aware of this rule, which applies for every course subject: for Masters Students taking PhD or Masters level courses, a course may be marked “I&...

Funding for activities abroad

Dear IMICS students, If you are planning to go abroad to study or participate in international conferences or other activities, you can apply for funding f...

TOCFL Pilot Test (7/18)

Dear IMICS foreign students, Do you want to test your Chinese level? Yes? Then register for the TOCFL pilot test at National Taiwan Normal University on Sa...

English Newsletter Journalists Wanted

English Silkroad Newsletter is published bi-monthly by Office of International Cooperation (OIC), National Chengchi University, featuri...

MOE Common Scholarship

Dear IMICS Students, OIC is now accepting applications for the NCCU MOE Common Scholarship for foreign students (Taiwan Scholarship recipients are not elig...

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Kelly Lin

I am especially interested in social media and social movement because many great events and demonstrations happened with the aid of social media all over the world in recent years. I would like to probe into this phenomenon/trend after acquiring cross-cultural and media-related knowledge in IMICS.
Camels, Vaseline, Oldsmobile and Worms: Information Processing’s Impact on Brand Image
The Relationship between Media and Spokesman in the Digital Age
Prof. Chu's Farewell Party
Symposium on Telecom and Media in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
The Digital Media and New Media Platforms Conference-IMICS
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