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  • Ruby Chien

The Holiday Season Is Here In IMICS! Hohoho~

All IMICS students and professors were invited to a yearly special Christmas luncheon on December 16th. This year, we filled the entire Performance Hall of the Journalism Building with shiny Christmas decorations to help the students get into the full holiday spirit.

The colorful and shiny Christmas decorations of 2022 IMICS luncheon. / IMICS prepared a lot of festive gifts for people who came to the event.

The event started with an opening remark from Professor Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin, director of the IMICS program, following by the remark from Professor Douglas Kass. The professors' care for the students was felt by all. We also appreciated the presence of Professors Tingyu Kang and Tung-Jen Shih as we celebrated this wonderful moment together.

The warm remark from Professor KASS.

A poking lottery that featured fun truth-or-dare games and awesome gifts marked the end of this gathering. Everyone had a lot of fun in this section and made a memorable memory together. “The game this year is fun and exciting! The truth-or-dare game let us to know more little secrets from IMICS members!” said Tillie Chen, a second-year Taiwanese student.

Everyone in IMICS had a joyful and heartfelt time at the Christmas luncheon. Sofia Sandrim, a first-year student from Brazil, commented “I really liked the holidays spirit and I was able to network with our professors and to talk to students I don't take any classes with or I'm just not close with.”

“Good Food, Good People, and Good Time!” This occasion had facilitated interaction between students of different years as well as between students and professors, thus strengthening the bonds within the IMICS family. Cheers to warm holiday memories and many more in the future!

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