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Announcement of the reviewing result for the 2023 NCCU-SNU-UT International Symposium



2023 NCCU-SNU-UT International Symposium

Mediating the World in the Digital Age: Politics and Culture of Technological Change

Announcement of the reviewing result

As of the deadline at 5 p.m. on July 24, the organizing committee has received 27 successfully submitted abstracts from graduate students at NCCU's College of Communication. After a thorough review, the committee has selected six abstracts for presentation at the symposium in Tokyo from October 26 to 28. In cases where two individuals co-author an abstract, only one person will be eligible for travel expense reimbursement. Kindly confirm your acceptance of the offer via email before 12:00 noon on August 10 so we can proceed with the nomination process. Your cooperation is appreciated. 至截稿日7/24下午5點止,共收到27篇摘要投稿,經師長委員審查後決定由以下六篇摘要通過審查,可於2023政大-首爾-東大年度國際研討會參與發表。有關摘要由兩人合著的情形,其差旅補助僅得由其中一人提出申請。請在8月10日中午12點前回信確認您是否接受推薦,以便向東京大學推薦。謝謝!

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