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NCCU x WSJ Panel Discussion 9 a.m., June 7, 2022

The Challenge of Misinformation

An insightful and informative discussion with professional speakers from Wall Street Journal and National Chengchi University on the topic of "The Challenge of Misinformation" will take place online at 9 a.m., June 7, 2022 (Tuesday). If you are interested in acquiring comprehensive knowledge about fake news and social media from the prominent journalists and experts, please come join us!

About The Event

We are witnessing one of the most horrifying pandemics in history as it plays out in real time on our mobile phones in this digital era. However, how can you make sure that you are not being manipulated by the information you obtain on social media? Misinformation and fake news are key issues in the society bombarded by an overload of information on a daily basis. During Covid-19 and the Ukraine crisis, how did misinformation and fake news find their way onto social media platforms? How effective have social media sites been in addressing this issue?

All faculty and students of College of Communication are welcome to participate in the online discussion on The Challenge Misinformation. Registration by May, 31, 2022 (Tuesday) is required.


  • 9:00–9:05: Opening remarks

Tingyu Kang, Dr. / Department of Journalism, College of Communication, National Chengchi University

  • 9:05–10:00: Panel discussion



Tsung-Jen Shih, Dr. / International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies, National Chengchi University

Anne Kruger / First Draft

Liza Lin / The Wall Street Journal

Moderator –

Yumiko Ono / Senior Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Upper Left: Dr. Tingyu Kang; Upper Lower Left: Anne Kruger; Lower Middle: Dr. Tsung-Jen Shih; Lower Right: Lisa Lin

About The Panelist

Dr. Tsung-Jen Shih is an associate professor of the International Master's Program in International Communication Studies at National Chengchi University. Drawing upon theories from social psychology and communication, his research scholarship centers around the communication of science, technology, health, and risks. His research topics range from cyberbullying to climate change. Recently, he has expanded his research program to COVID-19, with a specific focus on how misinformation shapes public reactions to the disease. He is now a Fulbright visiting scholar at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University.

Anne Kruger is APAC director for First Draft. Anne launched First Draft in Sydney in early 2019 and soon expanded operations into APAC. In 2020 she was co-chief investigator at the Centre for Media Transition UTS, drafting Australia's first disinformation regulatory code. Anne was an anchor at CNN Hong Kong during SARS, and later a finance reporter at Bloomberg. She established a verification lab at the University of Hong Kong collaborating with Meedan, and led media literacy projects with Unesco throughout APAC. She previously held senior editorial and presenter positions with ABC Australia. Anne has a PhD in social media verification education.

Liza Lin is the Wall Street Journal's Shanghai-based China technology reporter, covering topics ranging from U.S.-China government-business relations to hot button tech issues such as artificial intelligence and digital surveillance. She has had 10 years of reporting experience across Asia, with a strong focus on China and South East Asia. Ms. Lin studied journalism in Singapore's Nanyang Technological University and won a Fulbright scholarship to finish a Masters degree in Global Affairs at Yale University.

About The Moderator

Yumiko Ono is Editor of News Operations in APAC for The Wall Street Journal based in Singapore. Her responsibilities include operations for the newsroom across the Asia region, newsroom events and local-language services.

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