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NCCU X LinkedIn: Explores Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Student Career Development

National Chengchi University (NCCU) hosted esteemed guests Mei Mei Ng, General Manager of LinkedIn Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Ivan Wong, Head of Government and Academic of LinkedIn Hong Kong and Taiwan, on the 25th of this month. The visit, coordinated by the head of the College of Communication, Dr Katherine Yi-Ning Chen, was graciously hosted by Ms Su Herng, Associate Vice Chancellor of the University System of Taiwan.

Distinguished attendees included Dr Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin (Director of IMICS), Dr Yi-Chieh Lin (Associate Professor of Journalism), Dr Jesse Chien-Chih Lu (Assistant Professor of the Department of Radio, Film and Television), and Dr Jia-Chi Huang (Director of the College of Commerce).

The collaboration between NCCU and LinkedIn aims to leverage the platform's strengths in function presentation, matchmaking, and networking. This initiative will equip NCCU students with immediate insights into evolving workplace demands and skills, enabling them to navigate their career paths effectively. Moreover, it seeks to establish a personalized professional skills training platform.

Mei Mei Ng underscored the platform's global reach, boasting over 950 million users worldwide. Notably, there has been a 75% surge in users aged 16 to 25 in recent years, underlining the recognition of LinkedIn's unique value in job competitiveness training and professional development among young individuals.

Ivan Wong acknowledged this growth as an opportunity to engage with top universities in Taiwan. He emphasized that compared to Europe and the United States, where LinkedIn is integral to professional networking, Taiwan gains immensely from such collaboration.

In closing, Vice President Ms Su Herng warmly welcomed the LinkedIn representatives, expressing optimism about the potential collaboration's transformative impact on NCCU and the broader NTU system. She pledged to explore the possibilities discussed during the exchange to sign a memorandum of understanding that will enrich the experiences of NCCU's students and faculty.

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