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IMICS marks the end of 2020 with a fantastic Christmas celebration

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

This year, IMICS, with the help of devoted volunteers from the first-year and second-year batch, organized a heart-warming and delightful Christmas party for IMICS students, considering the inability of international students to return home for the Christmas dinner.

The Dean of College of Communication, Prof. Kuo, the Director of IMICS, Prof. Kang, and several faculty members including Prof. TJ, Prof. Elaine, and Prof. Jessica were attending as honor guests.

IMICS invited alumni as special guests, to give insights regarding work and life after graduation. The sharing included the life and education in IMICS and how they managed to find the connection between studies and their career in international-based enterprises.

“I received a lot of help while I was still adapting to the Taiwanese environment and the program, so I will always provide the best assistance for fellow juniors,” said Nititorn Surabundith, IMICS alumni from Thailand, Head of S.E.A Growth in

Besides, Ying Jhih Wang made a comeback after three years of graduating and provided her experiences in integrating the knowledge she received from IMICS with the journalism field she is now working at.

The party heated up as delicious buffets were served. Amusing charades and dancing games also enhanced the interactions between faculties and students. Secret Santa among all the participants wrapped up the entire lovely evening.

"Thanks for organizing this event, it was a very memorable and exciting moment with dear classmates, considering most of us would be scattered all around the world by the next Christmas," said Annette Nguyen, second-year IMICS student from Viet Nam.

Merry Christmas!! Hohoho!

Author: Fedrik Hansen - 吳停勝 /IMICS 108

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