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Exclusive Interview with Lee Yulgong

Exclusive Interview: Lee Yulgong Excels with Multiple Scholarships Recognizing Academic Achievements

Lee Yulgong, a second-year International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) student from South Korea, has been awarded the “NCCU Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students” for two consecutive semesters, and more recently, he was honored with the “Graduate Student of Communication College Scholarship 2023.”

“I was absolutely thrilled when I learned I had received the scholarships! It felt amazing to know that all the hard work and dedication I put into my studies throughout the semesters had paid off and been recognized. These recognitions have given me confidence and encouraged me to continue pursuing my academic goals with greater enthusiasm and determination,” said Lee Yulgong, the scholarship awardee.

When asked about study tips for academic success, he emphasized the importance of critical thinking and extensive reading in graduate courses. “It is important to go beyond acquiring knowledge and instead develop the ability to form personal arguments and hypotheses based on existing knowledge and real-world phenomena,” said Lee Yulgong,

Reflecting on his previous semester, Yulgong experienced deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Not only did he excel academically, but he also sought out diverse experiences and opportunities beyond IMICS. He explained, “As I am interested in inter-Asian cultural studies, I attended lectures and seminars offered by NCCU and NYCU in Hsinchu via the University System of Taiwan (UST). Despite the long journey every Monday, I found the experience invaluable. I gained knowledge and insights from experts in the field and had the chance to network with scholars and students beyond NCCU, which expanded my academic community and broadened my perspectives.”

He also took this opportunity to express his gratitude for the high-quality education and support provided by the IMICS program. “IMICS has diverse students from all over the world. In the class, we can actively exchange our opinions on various topics and phenomena in the world. The experience of studying in a multicultural environment is helpful for my future academic and professional pursuits in the media and culture sectors,” said Lee Yulgong.

Currently, Lee Yulgong is focused on his thesis, which delves into the intersection of Taiwanese masculinity and Korean Wave fandom. His research adopts a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating fan and fandom studies, audience studies, and gender studies.

IMICS congratulates Lee Yulgong on his exceptional accomplishments and extends heartfelt wishes for their ongoing success in their academic endeavors.

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