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Digital Content Marketing in Social Media x Professor Meng-Chieh Yang

Professor Meng-Chieh Yang, an adjunct assistant professor from Fu Hsing Kang College, National Defense University, brought a lively insight regarding social media promotion to IMICS students through the course “Digital Content Marketing in Social Media” in IMICS opened this semester.

Graduated from NCCU with a degree in journalism, Professor Yang later went on to study at the University of Texas in Austin, where she received her master’s and doctoral degrees and worked as an adjunct assistant professor at the National Defense University after returning to Taiwan. Specialized in research areas of multimedia creative production and social media marketing, Professor Yang aimed to instruct students in digital content marketing in the social media landscape.

In the course, students would understand the history of the Web and social media, and at the same time learn about the basic languages of the Web, including HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, PHP, and Python. Professor Yang also ensured that students acquire the ability of digital photos and video shooting and editing through multiple practical opportunities. She believed that after completing the course, students will develop both theoretical understandings as well as practical hands-on skills in digital content creation, marketing, and social media operations.

Josie Hiew, a first-year IMICS student from Malaysia, shared her opinion that the biggest gain in class for her is to understand more about the network and the use of software since Professor Yang often used her own experience as an example to explain the operation of systems to students, such as YouTube database. Josie also appreciated the learning of ChatGPT in class as she said, “The most impressive activity in class is learning how to use ChatGPT because at first, I thought most of the professors would be very resistant to it, but Professor Yang not only let us use it but also taught us how to make better use of this tool.”

Annie Chiu, a first-year student from Taiwan was also grateful for what she learned in the class.“There was one time when Professor Yang gave us an hour to produce a YT short, and the process included developing the theme idea, shooting, editing, and finally she taught us how to analyze the backstage data,” said Annie. “The process was full of rushing in fact, but no pressure, no diamonds, and it is worth it.”

When reflecting on one of the most interesting events done in class, Annie believed it would be a student’s idea to dance to Korean pop singer Jisoo’s flower in her YT short work.

“Though the dance was too difficult to learn in a short time and the idea was later scrapped, it was still an inspiring idea to me,” Annie said.

IMICS provides a wide range of courses taught by expert scholars in various fields, including Communication & Technology, International Communication & Culture, and Communication & Marketing. We warmly invite prospective students to join our program and embark on a journey of learning and growth with IMICS toward becoming a skilled media professional.

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