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Call for student papers for annual UT-SNU-NCCU International Symposium

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

National Chengchi University - Seoul National University – University of Tokyo Annual Symposium

Call for Student Papers

Date of Symposium: October 30th 1:00pm-4:40pm

Theme of Symposium: communication and media studies

Venue: Dayong Building, NCCU (online conference/ host university: U of Tokyo)

Length: 200- to 300-word abstract

Deadline: September 22th noon

Please send your abstracts or queries to

This year’s “UTokyo-SNU-NCCU Symposium” is to be held on Friday, October 30th. This is an annual event held every Autumn under the joint auspices of the III/GSII at the University of Tokyo, the Department of Communication at Seoul National University (South Korea), and the College of Communication at National Chengchi University (Taiwan). This year, the symposium was to be held in Tokyo, but due to the ongoing spread of novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the event will instead take the form of an online meeting.

Students will have the opportunity to present their papers to an international audience as well as to interact with the faculty and students at the other universities during the symposium. In addition to the symposium, an online discussion board will be open on October 1st for participating students and faculty to interact and discuss key communication issues online.

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