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Announcement of Newly-Admitted Student’s Application for Credit Exemption (2022-23)

  • Eligibility:

The following students may apply for credit exemption:

1. Transfer students.

2. New students retaking entrance examinations or reapplying for admission.

3. Persons who are approved to complete prerequisite credits before applying for admission to the programs in accordance with the regulations.

According to Article 12 of NCCU Regulations for Credit Exemption, it is stated that credit transfers must be completed via a one-time application in the year of the student's admission.

  • Application period:

Applications must be submitted between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or 2-4 p.m. on August 2nd (Tuesday) through August 5th (Friday). Application not submitted within the timeframe indicated above will not be accepted.

  • Submission method:

The application materials should be submitted in person, at the IMICS office (Room 210410, Da-Yong Building).

  • Required documents:

1. Application form (printed as one-sided).

2. Original copy of the complete transcript issued by the previous school.

3. Syllabus of the course that is requested for credit exemption.

4. If the applicant has earned a previous degree, the page 2 of the application form should be signed by the school that conferred the diploma, to confirm the following:

a. The course(s) requested for credit exemption were offered for graduate students at the institution.

b. The credits requested for exemption were not counted towards the applicant’s graduation credits.

  • Contact information:

For more questions, please contact Ms. Constance Yen via email ( or through telephone (886-2938-7550).

  • Attachments:

Application form
Download ODT • 20KB
NCCU Regulations for Credit Exemption
Download PDF • 25KB

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