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NCCU IMICS Announcement of Graduate Institute Transference(2023 Spring)

  • Application period:

All required documents should be enclosed in one email and sent to by 12:00 at noon on June 23rd, 2023 (Friday).

  • Eligibility:

All NCCU 1st-year master students, excluding those from on-job master’s program, are eligible to apply for graduate institute transference to IMICS. The admission shall be decided by both program directors of the student’s original graduate institute and that the student wants to transfer to. Once the student is admitted, he/she is not allowed to apply for graduate institute transference any longer throughout this graduate-level study.

  • Required documents:

a. Two application forms for institute transference and credit recognition, as attached.

b. Both undergraduate and NCCU graduate transcripts.

c. English-written statement of purpose within three pages.

d. Non-native speakers of English must provide proofs of English proficiency test. IMICS accepts only TOEFL、IELTS or TOEIC taken within three years of the application date.

e. Works or papers related to communication are encouraged to include in the application package, if applicable.

  • Admission criteria:

The screening and decision are made based on paper reviewing, while in some rare circumstances interview might be called.

  • Contact:

Ms. Constance Yen / Administrative coordinator of IMICS Tel.: 02-29393091分機Ext. 67550

01 Application Form for Institute Transfer
Download DOCX • 19KB

02 Application Form for Credit Recognition_ch
Download DOCX • 18KB

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