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IMICS student pursues doctoral degree at NCCU College of Communication

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Andrew Yeng, our third-year international student from Malaysia, was accepted for admission to the Ph.D. program of NCCU College of Communication in June, and he will soon start this new chapter after his graduation from IMICS this semester.

“I didn’t feel nervous until the day when the admission list was released, but when I saw my name on the list, the feeling is quite complicated,” Andrew said modestly.

When asked about why he wants to further pursue a doctoral degree, Andrew said his time in the master’s program was a turning point.

“When studying in IMICS, my curiosity about academics has been stimulated, so I then have the interest of ​​learning more in-depth about our field,” said Andrew. “Plus, I grew a lot in the process of writing my master’s thesis.”

Andrew at the new NCCU library. The photo was taken by friend, also an IMICS student, Fedrik Hansen.

As he thinks back the journey of coming to study in Taiwan, Andrew feels grateful.

“I would like to thank every professor who has encouraged me and supported me when I was studying in IMICS, especially my supervisor, Professor Lin, Shu-Fang. She offered me lots of opportunities and guidance,” said Andrew.

In addition, Andrew wanted to thank his fellow students who kept his company in the study room and cheered him up when he had doubts about himself. Family and friends back home are also the wind under his wings.

“Along the way, my family and friends in Malaysia support me unconditionally. Chatting with them always give me strength when I feel homesick,” Andrew recalled thankfully.

Andrew has worked as an administrative assistant and a teaching assistant in the IMICS program in the past three years. We believe he will continue to be an asset to the Ph.D. program and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Andrew, second from the left, was on the organizing team for the 2021 NCCU-STU-UT Joint Symposium last October.

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Andrew is one of the IMICS students who received the NCCU Academic Excellence scholarship in 2019 and in 2000. Check out the previous stories here:

Author: Meryl Kao (IMICS 110)

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