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Exclusive Interview with Jasmine Tan Zi Yin

Exclusive Interview: Tan Zi Yin (Jasmine) ’s Inspiring Story as the Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient for International Students

Tan Zi Yin (Jasmine), a first-year Singaporean student from the International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) at National Chengchi University, has been awarded the “Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students”, recognizing exceptional academic performance.

She expressed her deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for being selected as the scholarship recipient. Jasmine said, “This scholarship is not just a monetary award but a vote of confidence in my abilities and potential, which motivates me to strive for even greater heights. I am truly honored to have been awarded the Spring 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students. It will fully support my studies and alleviate financial burdens, allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits wholeheartedly.”

When questioned about the study techniques contributing to her academic accomplishments, Jasmine emphasized the importance of effective time management. She shared, “Setting aside a specific time each day for studying and adhering to a well-structured schedule has been instrumental in my success. Additionally, active learning strategies such as note-taking and summarizing key points have helped me retain and recall information more effectively.”

“It is also important to balance academic and personal life for overall well-being. Setting clear goals, managing my time effectively, and engaging in activities I enjoy, such as tennis, helps me achieve that balance. Tennis not only helps me stay physically healthy but also allows me to clear my mind and recharge,” Jasmine Tan Zi Yin added.

She said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” by Walt Disney holds a special place in her heart. It serves as a constant source of inspiration and motivation, reminding her to stay focused on her goals and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. With this motto in mind, Jasmine is empowered to push beyond her comfort zone and fearlessly pursue her dreams.

Jasmine also took this opportunity to express her genuine appreciation for the program. She said, “Studying in IMICS has been an incredible journey for me, both academically and personally. The program’s dedication to academic excellence, the expertise of the professors, and the opportunities for internships and talks from professionals in different fields have been invaluable. I have gained new skills, made meaningful connections, and developed a broader perspective that will shape my future career.”

Jasmine’s research interest revolves around feminism, focusing on exploring feminist theories, perspectives, and the impact of social media on media representation in relation to gender. Her research aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the significance of feminism in society and shed light on the intricate dynamics surrounding gender issues in the media.

IMICS congratulates Tan Zi Yin (Jasmine) on her outstanding achievements and wishes her continued success in her academic pursuits.

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