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NCCU IMICS Announcement of Graduate Institute Transference (2022 Spring)


  • 申請期限Application period:

申請文件應於111年6月21日(二)中午12:00前以電子郵件附加檔方式寄至。All application materials should be enclosed in one email and sent to by 12:00 at noon on June 21st, 2022 (Tuesday).

  • 申請資格Eligibility:

碩士班學生於修業第二學年開始前,經原肄業所及擬轉入所雙方主管同意,申請轉所,並以一次為限。一般碩士班學生與碩士在職專班學生不得互轉。All NCCU 1st-year master students, excluding those from on-job master’s program, are eligible to apply for graduate institute transference to IMICS. His/her admission shall be decided by both program directors of the student’s original graduate institute and that he/she wants to transfer to. Once the student is admitted, he/she is not allowed to apply for graduate institute transference any longer throughout this graduate-level study.

  • 繳交文件Required/Optional documents:

a. 碩士班轉系所申請書(如附件)。Application form for institute transference, as attached.

b. 大學部及就讀本校研究所成績單。Both undergraduate and NCCU graduate transcripts.

c. 英文撰寫之讀書計畫(三頁為限)。English-written statement of purpose within three pages.

d. 母語非英語者,需檢附三年內之英語能力證明成績單。本學程僅接受TOEFL、IELTS或TOEIC測驗成績。Non-native speakers of English must provide proofs of English proficiency test. IMICS accepts only TOEFL、IELTS or TOEIC taken within three years of the application date.

e. 可提供與傳播相關的作品或論文報告Works or papers related to communication are encouraged to include in the application package, if applicable.

* Only the last item is optional; a.~ d. are required.

  • 審查標準及錄取名額Admission criteria and quota:

依書審結果至多擇優錄取1名。必要時得安排面談。The screening and decision are made based on paper reviewing, while in some rare circumstances interview might be called.

  • 連絡窗口Contact:

顏鳳助教Ms. Constance Yen / Administrative coordinator of IMICS

信箱 電話Office tel. no.:02-29393091分機Ext. 67550

01 Application Form for Institute Transfer_NCCU
Download DOCX • 19KB
01 轉系所申請書
Download DOCX • 18KB

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