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Visit from the Dean of Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil
IMICS Director, Professor Tsung-Jen Shih and Professor Eliane Francisco


On May 26, 2017, IMICS was graced by the visit of Professor Eliane Francisco who served as the Dean of Communication and Arts School in Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, located in Curitiba, Brazil.


IMICS Director, Professor Tsung-Jen Shih, acting as host, showed our guest around Da Yong building and introduced the different facilities available for the students. These facilities included the MAC lab, data generating computer rooms, and rooms used for qualitative research purposes and therefore designed to look like a mock living room. 


The meeting started with Professor Francisco briefly introducing her university. The Pontifical Catholic University is a private institution and is home to nine faculties; namely, the schools of Architecture and Design, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Communication and Arts, Health and Biosciences, Education and Humanities, Medicine, Business, Polytechnic, and Law. The school of Communication and Arts, specifically, is divided into five majors: Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Music, and Theatre. This university was established 56 years ago and still the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná is ranked one of the best in South Brazil.  For further information on the university, click here


During the short meeting, both Professor Shih and Professor Francisco discussed the prospect of an exchange program between the two universities and other future collaborative projects. One of the highlights of this discussion is about a possible collaboration with IMICS on a two-week special program for journalism, an existing program of Pontifical Catholic University and another University in Spain and in the USA.


Before the end of the meeting, Professor Francisco extend her invitation to IMICS faculty members to visit Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil to further discuss about a possible partnership. The goal is to come out with a tangible proposal to kick start a short program for  2018 school year.



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Arzhia Sarah Habibi

As individuals and institutions become more conscious of the interconnected world and the need to work, communicate and live with people from diverse backgrounds, I am looking to help facilitate the integration of international students on a campus setting through offering creative workshops and consultancy to both academics and students. With this in mind, my future goal is to help develop curriculum in Cross Cultural Communication Organisations, utilising innovative technology and creative workshops to foster intercultural competency skills. Throughout this course, I would also like to investigate the possibility of creating a Consultancy for Higher Education Institutions that want to foster authentic integration and diversity for both their local and international students.
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