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Important deadlines & Thesis Submission Procedures

Dear IMICS students,

The final defense application deadline is Thursday, January 5, 2017 so please pay attention to the deadline. That is to say, you must hand in the final defense application form (學位考試申請書) with signatures of your advisor, and the IMICS office, and then give it to Miss Chen in the registration section at administration building, fourth floor.  

Once you pass the final defense, you must submit the final grades with the permission of your advisor by Thursday, February 2, 2017 at the latest. This final grade submission is important and determines your graduation, which means you have to remind the professors of the deadline.  

3 days after submitting, you can initiate the Leaving Procedure process. You have to double-check your iNCCU account to make sure the grade has been successfully submitted!  

When filling out the form, please mark the current academic year as 105, semester 1.  
You only need to prepare 3 hard-cover thesis copies and 1 soft-cover thesis copy. Of course 4 hard-cover thesis copies are even better since hard-cover can be preserved longer.

Your attention to detail will be much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. Hope you all the best and a bright future.
  Our Students

Chia, Meng-Jung (Joanna)

I am honored to be part of IMICS. Cross-cultural communication, interpersonal communication, and sports communication are among my interests. I will devote myself to accumulate professional knowledge and experience through diverse courses and extracurricular activities. Also, I need to strengthen overall abilities of foreign languages to enhance competitiveness. With keen desire of communication studies, I will work hard to pursue going abroad for advanced education and follow-up research.
Camels, Vaseline, Oldsmobile and Worms: Information Processing’s Impact on Brand Image
The Relationship between Media and Spokesman in the Digital Age
Prof. Chu's Farewell Party
Symposium on Telecom and Media in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
The Digital Media and New Media Platforms Conference-IMICS
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