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Dear students,

Here is some information which will hopefully clarify some of the questions regarding the thesis defense process. If you have any additional questions please refer to the IMICS handbook or website or contact the IMICS office.

Additional Information Regarding the Thesis Proposal Defense
To schedule a thesis proposal defense, you must first submit the “IMICS Thesis Proposal Application Form” (國際傳播英語碩士學程論文大綱提案申請表) to the IMICS office three weeks before the proposal defense date. You will need to inform the IMICS office of your advisor and two other committee members’ names and their affiliated universities. As a reminder, one of your committee members must be from an outside university. In addition, you must prepare three copies of the “Thesis Proposal Evaluation Form” placed in envelopes labeled with each committee members’ names. It is recommended to prepare these materials a few days before the proposal defense date in order to check everything first with the IMICS office.

Additional Information Regarding the Thesis Final Defense
First, complete and hand in the “Final Defense Application Form”(學位考試申請書)to IMICS two to three weeks before the scheduled thesis final defense date. You must upload your thesis title online at iNCCU (Campus web info. Systems → 校務資訊系統 → 學生資訊系統 → 學術服務→ 研究生網路申報論文題目) and print out a copy with your professors’ signatures and hand them in to the IMICS office. In addition, if you took the course "Data Collection", you must also fill out and hand in the “Thesis credits replacement form”(替代學分申請書)to IMICS office.

Please prepare three envelopes labeled with your advisor and thesis committee members’ names. You must place the “Thesis Oral Defense Evaluation Form” in each envelope and place the “Thesis Authorization Form” and “Final Defense Transcript”(學位考試成績報告單) only in your advisor’s envelope. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The “Thesis Title” on the “Thesis Authorization Form” and “Final Defense Transcript” must be the same as your Official Thesis Title). You will also need to inform the IMICS office of your advisor and two other committee members’ names and their affiliated universities.


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Winda Prisilia Lizar

Subsequent to acquire my MA degree, I still want to challenge myself in broadcasting and journalism field as a news reporter. If that’s not the case, I may go with the governmental level organization or representative office (embassy) to uplift the quality of diplomacy between host country and the home government through my communication skill. It will be grateful if I can use my language skill, even it is Mandarin or English to achieve those job possibilities.
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