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IMICS Thesis Library

Dear IMICS-ian,   If you have yet to know, there’s a thesis library section in IMICS office. Feel free to browse through previous graduated IMICS s...

Registration Fee

Students, This serves as a friendly reminder that the payment for the spring 2017 semester registration fee is due no later than February 24, 2017. Please mak...

NCCU MOE Common Scholarship (Spring 2017)

Deadline to apply: March 31, 2017 You must have studied in NCCU for more than one semester and must be a foreign student. If you already have other scholarshi...


On January 11, 2007 NCCU hosted a workshop covering the process of submitting a research paper to an international conference.  First, Professor Liu gave ...

Information on International Academic Conferences: An IMICS Workshop

Dear IMICS students, If you are interested in submitting papers to international academic conferences, you are welcome to attend a workshop on January 11 (Wedn...

Available Media for Eli Kao's Guest Speaker Event

Attention IMICS students and staff, For your information and browsing pleasure, the link for Eli Kao’s guest speaker event: “Chasing the Facts, Get...

Behind the Scenes Access of Non-Fiction Media Production

By: Caroline Hosey   On December 6, 2016 alumnus Eli Kao returned to NCCU to deliver a presentation titled, “ Chasing the Facts, Getting the...

Guest Speaker: Eli Kao - Chasing the Facts, Getting the Shots, Crafting the Story: Working as a Producer in Non-Fiction Media

Dear students, IMICS alumnus Eli Kao will hold a discussion on the fascinating field of non-fiction media production! This talk will also feature a brief look ...

2016 IMICS Christmas Party

Greetings IMICS students and staff!   It’s that time of year again! The holiday music is making its way into every store and the Christmas decora...

A Joint Symposium on Journalism and Communication Education

By: Caroline Hosey and Arzhia Habibi On December 2, 2016 NCCU’S College of Communication hosted a joint symposium with the University of Tokyo about the ...

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Camels, Vaseline, Oldsmobile and Worms: Information Processing’s Impact on Brand Image
The Relationship between Media and Spokesman in the Digital Age
Prof. Chu's Farewell Party
Symposium on Telecom and Media in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
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